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How to Self-Publish a Cookbook

Posted on 8th March 2021 by

Designing your own cookbook is a wonderful way to pass time-honoured family recipes on to your kids and grandkids or share your culinary creations with a wider audience.

Creating your own cookbook…

A Mother's Day chat with family photographer Susheel Schroeder

Posted on 3rd March 2021 by

Susheel Schroeder is a London based photographer specialising in portrait, family and lifestyle photography with a fine art approach. Her longer-term documentary photography projects focus on issues s…

Book of the Month - February 2021

Posted on 2nd March 2021 by

Congratulations to our Book of the Month winners of February 2021 Andrew Leahy photo book '100 Days of Lockdown'…

Photo of the Month - February 2021

Posted on 1st March 2021 by

Congratulations to Janet Richardson for winning February's photo of the month with his image Father and daughter celebrate goal…

Framing the World – Interview with Sian Davey

Posted on 1st March 2021 by

Sian Davey is a British photographer whose work focuses on themes of family, community, love and belonging. She was born and raised in Brighton and worked as a psychotherapist for 15 years before maki…

Tips for Designing a Birthday Photo Book

Posted on 8th February 2021 by

Photo books make wonderful birthday presents because no two are ever alike, and they’re the type of gift that will stand the test of time. Whether your loved one has an important milestone birthday co…