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5 Reasons Photo Books Make the Best Gifts

Posted on 17th September 2018 by

With close to two billion photos being uploaded to sites like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram every day, it’s safe to say that we’re obsessed with taking and sharing photos. So what better gift to gi…

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Book of the Month - August 2018

Posted on 7th September 2018 by

Congratulations to our August Book of the Month winner,Sarah Reynolds and her book "Savanna Private Game Reserve - February 2016"…

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Photo of the Month - Aug 2018

Posted on 7th September 2018 by

Congratulations to our August Photo of the Month winner, John Shipp.…

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Getting Started with Macro Photography

Posted on 4th September 2018 by

Macro photography can yield fascinating results, as it magnifies smaller subjects and puts more emphasis on little details you wouldn’t normally pay attention to.…

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10 Online Courses that Will Make You a Better Photographer

Posted on 31st August 2018 by

Although pursuing a formal education isn’t strictly necessary in order to succeed as a photographer these days, there are still some important technical and practical skills you’ll need to develop if …

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5 Essential Tips for Photographing Silhouettes

Posted on 28th August 2018 by

When done correctly, silhouette photography is a striking technique that can minimise distracting details while emphasising shapes and composition. Shooting silhouettes can also be a creative way to g…

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Creativity Series - Aron Wiesenfeld

Posted on 16th August 2018 by

This week we interviewed artist Aron Wiesenfeld.…

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Remembering Wildlife: Interview with Margot Raggett

Posted on 15th August 2018 by

At a time when elephants, rhinos and many other remarkable species are tottering on the brink of extinction, leading British wildlife photographer and conservationist Margot Raggett is raising awarene…

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10 of the Best UK Gardens to Visit and Photograph

Posted on 11th August 2018 by

England is known for its mastery of gardening, and there are more than 300 historic houses and gardens throughout the country. The best time of year to enjoy these gardens and their surroundings is ge…

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Creativity Series - Bella Gomez

Posted on 9th August 2018 by

Creativity Series - Bella Gomez…

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