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Understanding Shutter Speed: A Beginner’s Guide

Posted on 9th January 2018 by

If you want to gain greater control of your images and get sharp photos regardless of the lighting conditions or what you’re photographing, at some point you’re going to have to venture into manual or…

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7 Tips for Winter Photography

Posted on 7th December 2017 by

Shooting photos in wintertime can be an amazing experience, as these colder months have a way of transforming otherwise familiar scenes into something entirely new, whether you’re photographing trees …

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5 Fun Ways to Use Your Instagram Photos

Posted on 22nd October 2017 by

Instagram is still one of the most popular social networks out there with over 700 million users and counting. If you’re an avid Instagrammer yourself, you might find yourself wondering what you can d…

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7 Essential Tips for Low Light Photography

Posted on 18th October 2017 by

Shooting sharp and well-lit photos at night or in low light conditions such as indoors requires a bit of knowledge about how your camera works.…

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5 Ideas for Getting Creative with Your Summer Photography

Posted on 24th August 2017 by

Summer is in full swing, and for photographers, the longer days, extra free time and wide range of outdoor activities means more opportunities to be creative and practice new photography techniques.…

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6 Ways to Improve Your Street Photography

Posted on 25th July 2017 by

Travel and street photography tend to go hand in hand, because photographing people as they go about their daily business is a great way to capture the sense of a place.…

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How to create a Bob Book

Posted on 19th July 2017 by

Creating your first photobook can be daunting, but once you get started you can see how easy and quick (depending on just how many images you have to sort through) it is.…

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5 Tips for Shooting Photos from a Hot Air Balloon

Posted on 11th July 2017 by

If you’re finally getting the chance to go up in a hot air balloon and get a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the scenery below, taking a few good photos to remember the experience by is an absolute mu…

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5 Tips for Organising Your Photography Business

Posted on 10th March 2017 by

Photographers are usually artists first and foremost, so even if you feel confident in your ability to produce high quality images, it’ll still take some time for you to wrap your head around all the …

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6 Fun Ways to Treat Your Mum this Mother’s Day

Posted on 1st March 2017 by

It’s almost that time of year when we appreciate our wonderful mums for all they do, and if you’re hoping to surprise your mum or one of the other extraordinary women in your life with something other…

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