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Wedding Photography – A Look Behind the Scenes with Clare Kinchin

Posted on 17th April 2018 by

Wedding season is fast approaching and photographers all over the country are gearing up for one of the busiest times of the year. But what exactly goes into photographing a wedding?…

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Interview with Kensington Mums founder, Dina Maktabi

Posted on 9th March 2018 by

This week we interviewed Dina, founder and editor of Kensington Mums about inspiration and her goals for the online parenting magazine.…

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Interview with Wildlife Photographer Nathalie Mountain

Posted on 26th February 2018 by

Wildlife photography is something that most people would love to do, but few understand what goes into the making of a wildlife photo shoot or just how much planning, preparation and patience it takes…

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Hearts for Tigers – Interview with Charlotte Corney

Posted on 20th February 2018 by

The world’s captive tiger population far exceeds this number, but heartbreakingly, many captive tigers suffer under poor living conditions in negligent zoos, circuses and private homes.…

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Behind the Scenes of a Photo Gallery  –  Interview with Richard Kalman

Posted on 15th January 2018 by

Although we often interview photographers to provide a glimpse at how their art is created, one aspect we haven’t explored yet is the behind the scenes of how photographers go about getting their work…

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