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Interview with family photographer Susheel Schroeder

Posted on 14th November 2019 by

Susheel Schroeder is a London based photographer specialising in portrait, family and lifestyle photography with a fine art approach.

Her longer-term documentary photography projects focus on iss…

Book of the Month - October 2019

Posted on 11th November 2019 by

Congratulations to our Book of the Month winner Felix Rome and his book 'Wild Knight'…

Photo of the Month - October 2019

Posted on 11th November 2019 by

Congratulations to Tilly Jamieson for winning photo of the month October 2019 with her image 'Autumn at Basilson'.…

8 Tips for Capturing Everyday Moments in Your Family Photography

Posted on 10th November 2019 by

When captured on camera, ordinary daily occurrences, such as taking the kids to the park or enjoying a meal together as a family, tend to make some of the most memorable prints and photo books. With t…

Introducing the #Shelfie

Posted on 5th November 2019 by

Bookshelves can be areas of total wonder. Step into a new home and more than anything else, they reveal so much about the dweller. Hidden passions, the books from their childhood, the novels they’re y…

10 Creative Ideas to Help Your Christmas Cards Stand Out

Posted on 4th November 2019 by

The tradition of sending Christmas greeting cards dates back to 1843 in Victorian England, when the first Christmas card was mass produced by a busy socialite named Henry Cole. These days, despite hug…