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10 Tips for Designing a Travel Photobook

Posted on 19th April 2022 by

Want to keep your travel memories alive or commemorate a family holiday in a special way? Why not create your own travel photobook?

We’ve put together some top tips for planning and designing the p…

How to Design a School-Leavers Book

Posted on 15th March 2022 by

Are you currently in the process of designing your school-leavers book? Get inspiration and tips to help you get started, stay organised and most of all, put together a memorable yearbook that both ki…

20 Tips for Designing Your Own Photobook

Posted on 7th February 2022 by

Designing and printing your own photo books has never been easier than it is today. But if you want your photography book to make a statement, it helps to know a bit about narrative techniques, editin…

The Ultimate Guide to Modern Day Scrapbooking

Posted on 1st December 2021 by

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve your important memories or tell a story, but it can also simply be a fun outlet for creativity. We’ve put together some ideas for combining classic scrapboo…

Bob Books Christmas FAQ's

Posted on 1st November 2021 by

As that time of year comes round again, you’ll want to make the perfect personalised gift for your loved ones. We’re here to help, not just to give you the best gift ideas but to also answer those all…

10 Creative Ways to Use Text in Your Photo Book

Posted on 6th September 2021 by

Adding the right text to your book can be a great way to add some context, provide a backstory or even include a bit of humour.…