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The Story Behind...with Chapters of May blogger Anika

Posted on 29th April 2021 by

We love speaking to photographers and content creators with a story to tell. The popular blog Chapters of May is described as an 'online scrapbook' by it's editor Anika.

'What originally began as a…

Photographing Animals: 10 Essential Tips for Pet Photography

Posted on 27th April 2021 by

Animals are a joy to work with and photograph, and there’s just something rewarding about being able to capture your pet’s unique personality and charm in a photograph. But, although most pet owners l…

A Mother's Day chat with family photographer Susheel Schroeder

Posted on 3rd March 2021 by

Susheel Schroeder is a London based photographer specialising in portrait, family and lifestyle photography with a fine art approach. Her longer-term documentary photography projects focus on issues s…

Framing the World – Interview with Sian Davey

Posted on 1st March 2021 by

Sian Davey is a British photographer whose work focuses on themes of family, community, love and belonging. She was born and raised in Brighton and worked as a psychotherapist for 15 years before maki…

Book of the Year winner 2020 - Nell Conway

Posted on 4th February 2021 by

Congratulations to our Book of the Year winner Nell Conway with her Photo Book 'Greenland 2019'…

10 Creative Ideas for Studio Photography at Home

Posted on 1st January 2021 by

With shorter days and often less than favourable weather, wintertime is the perfect opportunity to learn the ins and outs of studio photography from the comfort and warmth of your home.
Whether you w…