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Still Life and Portraiture: Interview with Niall McDiarmid

Posted on 22nd July 2021 by

Scottish street and portrait photographer Niall McDiarmid has been documenting the people and landscape of Britain for over ten years now.
His prints are held by the Martin Parr Foundation, Museum of…

Breaking Barriers in the Wedding Industry – Interview with Jess Rose

Posted on 1st July 2021 by

When photographer Jess Rose first began covering weddings, she realised there was an underrepresentation of the LGBT+ community, as well as non-traditional wedding ceremonies that challenged gender no…

Getting Started with Travel Photography

Posted on 1st June 2021 by

Although we all tend to take photos on our travels these days, travel photography is about more than just capturing fun holiday snaps to share with your friends and family back home. Travel photograph…

Trans(ition) – Interview with Reme Campos

Posted on 28th May 2021 by

Gender identity can be complicated and doesn’t always fit into easy categories. For the past four years, portrait photographer Reme Campos has been photographing a small group of teenagers who identif…

Photographing Animals: 10 Essential Tips for Pet Photography

Posted on 27th April 2021 by

Animals are a joy to work with and photograph, and there’s just something rewarding about being able to capture your pet’s unique personality and charm in a photograph. But, although most pet owners l…

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Photography

Posted on 1st April 2021 by

Weddings have become a major business, and photography is undoubtedly a big part of this industry. Couples are eager to document their once-in-a-lifetime occasion and go home with beautiful prints, ph…