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Seven Things You Might Not Know About Our Photo Cards

Posted on 12th October 2018 by

Personalised greeting cards say and mean so much more than a generic store-bought card both for the sender and the receiver. Select your favourite photos and add a few words (if you want too) to creat…

How to create a Bob Book

Posted on 19th July 2017 by

Creating your first photobook can be daunting, but once you get started you can see how easy and quick (depending on just how many images you have to sort through) it is.…

A new look for Bob Books

Posted on 29th January 2016 by

Bob Books is proud to announce the new and improved website is now live.

The new responsive design makes it much easier to now access on you tablet and mobile as well, so you can acc…

Photo of the Month - February 2014

Posted on 11th March 2014 by

Bob Books has a whole new look

Posted on 6th March 2013 by