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5 Reasons Your Photos Aren’t Sharp

Posted on 30th September 2018 by

Have you ever come home from a photography session dying to edit the photos you’ve just taken, only to find that many of them are blurry or have your subject out of focus?…

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How to Choose the Right Paper Type for Your Photo Books

Posted on 23rd September 2018 by

Are you currently in the process of designing your first photo book? One aspect of the design process that often causes some confusion is the paper type. As you may have already noticed, there are dif…

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5 Tips for Putting Together a Professional Portfolio with Bob Books

Posted on 20th July 2018 by

Visuals can be a valuable tool, and research shows that between 50-80% of the information our brain processes is visual. In fact, when we use visual aids, we’re 43% more likely to persuade our audienc…

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7 Tips for Winter Photography

Posted on 7th December 2017 by

Shooting photos in wintertime can be an amazing experience, as these colder months have a way of transforming otherwise familiar scenes into something entirely new, whether you’re photographing trees …

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7 Essential Tips for Low Light Photography

Posted on 18th October 2017 by

Shooting sharp and well-lit photos at night or in low light conditions such as indoors requires a bit of knowledge about how your camera works.…

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Your insider’s guide to The Silk Route

Posted on 9th October 2017 by

Nick and Adam travelled the Silk Route in May and shared some practical tips and their most memorable experiences.…

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How to make incredible wedding photobooks, with wedding photographer Lisa Devlin

Posted on 14th February 2017 by

Creating a wedding book might well be one of the most difficult challenges a photographer faces. You have to capture everything from the day in a style your couple recognizes as your own. It’s a keeps…

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Guest post- 6 reasons to dig out your old photos and scan them with Vintage Photo Lab

Posted on 17th August 2016 by

Photos are such a huge part of our lives. Since the advent of the smartphone, we pretty much all carry a camera around with us all of the time. Every day! It’s extraordinary.…

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Top 4 river cruising destinations in Asia

Posted on 31st May 2016 by

Taking a truly magical river cruise through Asia’s most iconic destinations is arguably the perfect holiday. Winding through backwaters, canals and rivers, you’ll discover some of its most picturesque…

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Guest Blog- 6 Photography Tips from fotoLibra

Posted on 17th May 2016 by

Guest Blog- 6 Photography Tips from fotoLibra…

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