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How to Promote Your Self-Published Photobook

Posted on 12th September 2017 by

Find tips on how to get the word out and promote your work.…

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How to create a Bob Book

Posted on 19th July 2017 by

Creating your first photobook can be daunting, but once you get started you can see how easy and quick (depending on just how many images you have to sort through) it is.…

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Bob Books creation tools explained

Posted on 13th July 2017 by

With so many options to create your Bob Book it can be difficult to know which option is best for you. We breakdown the benefits and limitations of all our creator tool so you can make the right choic…

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Bob Books paper type explained

Posted on 13th July 2017 by

Choosing your paper type can be on of the most difficult aspects of creating your phonebook, especially if you have not seen the different paper in person, so in this post we aim to break down the dif…

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5 Tips for Designing Your Wedding Photo Book

Posted on 16th May 2017 by

Once your wedding photographer has delivered your photos to you, it’s time to create a gorgeous wedding photo book that showcases some of the best moments from your big day.…

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Book of the Month - April 2017

Posted on 10th May 2017 by

Congratulations to Rosie Dutton on winning our April Book of the Month competition with her book 'Bears of the Carpathian'.…

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Illustrated Children's Books

Posted on 29th March 2017 by

To celebrate International Children's Book Day, we've put together a list of some of the fantastic illustrated children's photobooks available in our Online Bookshop.…

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5 Tips for the Modern Day Memory Keeper

Posted on 28th March 2017 by

Memory keeping today is vastly different than it was 20 or even 15 years ago. These days, most of us have our phones and therefore our cameras with us wherever we go, which means we hardly have to thi…

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8 Essential Accessories for Travel Photography

Posted on 24th October 2016 by

If you’re heading out on your first travel adventure as a photographer, you’re probably wondering what you should pack. Of course, different photographers have their own views on what gear is essentia…

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