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Interview with British Wildlife Photographer of the Year Paul Colley

Posted on 10th February 2019 by

When you’ve spent countless hours in nature documenting wildlife and observing the delicate balance that supports all life forms, it can become difficult to ignore issues such as climate change, habit…

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Top 5 destinations for wildlife enthusiasts

Posted on 30th October 2018 by

When planning your Audley trip, we tailor everything down to the finest details around your tastes, budget and interests. To do this, we have specialists whose knowledge and expertise comes from havin…

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The Ultimate Guide to Wildlife Photography

Posted on 11th June 2018 by

Photographing wild animals in their natural habitat is exciting and rewarding whether you’re a hobbyist or an experienced photographer hoping to make a name for yourself in wildlife photography.  Even…

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7 Tips for Photographing Animals at the Zoo

Posted on 21st February 2018 by

If a big cat safari in Kenya or tiger trek in India just isn’t on the cards this year, a trip to the zoo can still be a great way to hone your wildlife photography skills in a controlled environment.…

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Hearts for Tigers – Interview with Charlotte Corney

Posted on 20th February 2018 by

The world’s captive tiger population far exceeds this number, but heartbreakingly, many captive tigers suffer under poor living conditions in negligent zoos, circuses and private homes.…

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Photography’s Role in Conservation: Interview with Sebastian Kennerknecht

Posted on 13th June 2017 by

To provide an insight into the role photography can play in conserving the environment and protecting endangered wildlife, we talked to professional conservation photographer Sebastian Kennerknecht.…

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Interview with Wildlife Photographer Rosie Dutton

Posted on 5th June 2017 by

Marine and Wildlife photography student Rosie Dutton talks to us a bit about her photography series following the dissection of a Dolphin and Seal pup.…

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5 dramatic landscapes to photograph wildlife

Posted on 15th May 2017 by

From the peaks of Torres del Paine in Chile to the depths of Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, the world is full of dramatic scenery. Alone these places afford inspiring photography opportunities, bu…

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Book of the Month - April 2017

Posted on 10th May 2017 by

Congratulations to Rosie Dutton on winning our April Book of the Month competition with her book 'Bears of the Carpathian'.…

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Paul Goldstein gets over-exposed: Tips for the budding wildlife photographer

Posted on 10th May 2016 by

Paul Goldstein is driven in everything he does, whether photographing, guiding, presenting or fund-raising. His jobs consist of cramming in a full-time career with a tour operator (Exodus), owning fou…

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