By Mary-Louise Hussey

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Book Description

Welcome to the fairytale land of Alphabetville. A world where enchanting little animals, named after each letter of the alphabet, go about their busy lives and have many exciting adventures. By getting to know each animal friend by name, your child will then visually recognise letters when the really difficult task of learning the alphabet begins. Parents will find this a most enjoyable and painless way to help their children through the very first stages of learning the alphabet, and so beginning the love affair with books and the written word.

More About the Author

I originally designed these little characters "Animals at Work" for my illustrated name business Sheba Designs. By popular demand from many of my customers around the world, I have now put pen and paint to paper and created the imaginary world of ALPHABETVILLE for my animal friends to live in. I hope that you will enjoy meeting them all. To PERSONALISE YOUR BOOK with your child's name illustrated with these designs, contact: