Bhutan by Bike

By Debbie Purser

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A high altitude mountain bike ride across the land of the Thunder Dragon in 2016. Buddhism still shapes everyday life and the Government's programmes to improve their 'Gross National Happiness' index creates a country that is genuinely trying to hold onto the beauty, spiritual beliefs and resources that they have.

The monasteries survive in high places but the steep mountain slopes and forests resist the attempts to upgrade Bhutan's few single track roads to two way traffic with landslips, mud, silt and washed out bridges. Road touring 40-70 km a day was more 'off road' than we expected.

The Kingdom of Bhutan sits high in the Himalayas and every foreign traveller seeking adventure here contributes with a tourist tax to the welfare of the Bhutanese people who benefit from free education and they are very pleased to meet you. The package was put together by Mountain Kingdoms and our excellent local guide with cycling legs of iron was Phub Tushering

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