Cinnamon Milk

By Rakesh Jaitly

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Book Description

This project is as far from intentional as a set of photographs could possibly be, but I believe that’s exactly why they do a solid job of representing this sideways theory of life. What was originally a trip to document the creative process of an artistic duo, subsequently became an intimate exploration of the structured wildness of life.

These two photo collections present, in turn, the Spice and Cream of Life. Grounded in and portrayed through the life of Molly; a living artist in every sense, and myself; the interfering and ever-present photographer. Through these photos, I hope to tell the story of the struggled balance of living in its finest form; wildfires met by calm waters, the loud bang of action before the silence of self-reflection, the spice of Cinnamon and the cream of Milk.



, 31st December 2021