Felix the furry sausage cat!

By The Bard of Tysoe

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Book Description

Gorgeous photographs of our gorgeous FIV+ rescue cat, Felix (a muscular mackerel tabby: who can stretch the length of a three-seater settee, hence his nickname), from the first six months of his adoption: taken and edited on an iPhone 7 and an iPhone SE, by Allison and Stephen (his much-maligned servants). Some are quirky (he is a very characterful cat); some are surprisingly beautiful (he is an incredibly handsome chap); some will make you laugh (he has no shame); and many are of him sleeping (because cat)! [There is no text included – apart from that on the front cover – the photographs hopefully speak for themselves (if not a thousand words; then at least a hearty dose of mews, trills, purrs and squeaks).]

Sadly, because he has FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), he has to stay indoors (to avoid passing it on to other cats; and to prevent him from getting hurt: which could weaken his immune system…) – however, we did experiment with taking him into the garden on a harness, with a short lead: but his love of catnip, and his fear of loud mechanical noises, led to us failing. There are, though, four outside photographs included. [FIV is nothing to be feared of. Because most carriers live indoors, they are immune from the greatest cat-killer around… – traffic. They therefore tend to live long, happy and satisfying lives (as, therefore, do the birds visiting our garden).]

Felix is now, therefore, Stephen’s official indoors companion cat: looking after his (physically and mentally) disabled soulmate; entertaining him (especially with games of Mr Feather; as well as a rapidly-expanding vocabulary); and generally keeping him in line. His main interests are fine dining, sleep, cuddles, and cleanliness; but he also likes to play to keep fit; as well as adopting Stephen’s clothing for bedding – although he only does this to wind Stephen up; really he prefers his Jacob sheep fleece-covered rocking-chair (lucky so-and-so). For such a large cat, he is incredibly affectionate.

All profits (just over £14 per book) go to our local branch of Cats Protection: who cared for Felix for five months or so, before we brought him to his forever home; and were incredibly helpful when we came to adopt him. CP do some amazing work: their knowledge, patience, and thoughtfulness proving a wonderful combination when it comes to ensuring cats of all ages live the best lives they can.

“Gorgeous happy contented cat…” – GB.

More About the Author

Originally an amateur musician… yet having worked in IT and marketing communication for a quarter of a century – both as manager and consultant; as well as writing for The Guardian – the Bard retired for medical reasons; and now devotes his life to keeping (himself and his FIV+ rescue cat, Felix) as healthy as possible by putting one foot in front of another (badly, but frequently); watching the world, with all its vagaries, go by (in increasing puzzlement); capturing what he sees (in words and pictures); and trying to leave a trail of happiness in his wake. What matters most to him are beauty, truth and fairness – in whatever myriad forms they occur – and he despises inequality, greed and hate. His favourite occupation is thinking. You are therefore most likely to encounter him staring into space, with a thoughtful grin beneath his wonted hat and dark glasses, walking stick in hand, somewhere in the wilds of Warwickshire.