Ferrari 328GTS - The Last One

By StuartHomer

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Book Description

The last ever Ferrari 328GTS to roll off the production line was a personal gift to Nigel Mansell, after his win of the F1 Rio Grand Prix in the 1989-1990 season. This photobook has been commissioned by the current owner of that very car.

More About the Author

Stuart Homer is a freelance professional photographer based near Preston, Lancashire. Stuart has several decades of experience in traditional wet film photography, before embracing digital image making and forming Stuart Homer Photography Ltd. in 1998. Stuart is experienced in all aspects of photography, specialising in social photography which includes weddings, celebrations, studio and lifestyle portraiture, pet photography, events and on-site printing. Affordability is a key consideration, with prices being matched to client's budgets. Charity work is high on the agenda and is often undertaken at no cost.