Graphic Tees

By Braun

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Book Description

My book started life as a mash of ideas stuck down on several pieces of paper.

I wanted to create a collection of lived in T-shirts with each one telling an individual story, the graphic obviously playing an important part but the aged effect (through garment washing) being just as important.

Ideas were taken from vintage garments/items found and collected over the years from milk bottles to New York street signs the inspiration was endless.

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More About the Author

My first encounter with Bobbooks was right at the beginning 5 years ago, they produced a beautiful hardback book for my final collection at The London College of fashion. I have now been within the industry for 4 years, working in the US as well as the UK, so after this experience what better way to express my ideas than to go back to where it began. I downloaded the software and started to create this new book and I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome.