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Hold everything, dear. Hold a tree, hold a leaf, hold the sky, hold the air.
Hold everything, dear. Hold the ruins, hold the traffic light, hold the dying city.
Hold everything, dear. Hold your loved ones, hold your hated ones, hold it, hold it all.
Hold everything, dear. Hold the mosaic memories of your life, your short life.

Hold Everything Deart is about a boy. A boy who loves the world, a boy who holds everything. The boy grew up, witnessed all the things he cherishes fading away. Nature fading, core values destroyed, the place he calls home - Hong Kong went piece by piece. He found his loved one and started to believe, understand, receive, and holding all the decisive moments in his life - moments that he feels attached to and engaged with.

Why the name Hold Everything Dear? I was inspired by John Berger’s book Hold Everything Dear: Dispatches on Survival and Resistance. In the book, he explores the personal choices, encounters, sacrifices, griefs and memories that occur in the course of political resistance to empire and colonialism, same subjects as mine. My project aims to show how core values destroyed by authorities, the place he/she calls home - Hong Kong went piece by piece brings impact on the inner world of a Hongkongers during and after the controversial extradition bill in a personal, subtitle way. In the project, the uncertainty, insecurity, the tension and struggles that a Hongkonger fulfill each photos.

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