Improvising with Light

By Anthony Marshall

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Book Description

All the artworks in this book have been created since I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer on the 3rd January 2018, it was found that the cancer had damaged the fifth vertebrae in my spine, consequently this affected my mobility so I found myself in a wheelchair. Perversely I am more creative now than ever before, so it was vital for me to maintain this level of creativity. “Improvising with Light” uses photo sketches and blends them together with painting and drawing as a hybrid medium, using an iPad Pro and six apps. I take inspiration from both the natural world and the physical world I inhabit. My artwork embodies elements such as the quality and movement of water, botanical elements such as plants, flowers and trees and the urban environment of contemporary architecture. Constantly seeking out these elements provides me with the seeds for new improvisations and interpretations.

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Professional Artist/Photographer Practitioner



, 7th October 2018