INK - A Personal Selection of Life's Patterns Explored Through Writing, Photography and Artwork

By Lizzie Hobbs

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Book Description

The world is full of patterns and our lives are peppered with them, from our waking moment beneath a decorated duvet, to the patterned schedule of our day, to the stars in the night sky.

Lizzie Hobbs has been observing these patterns over a number of years, and as a result has produced unique pieces of freehand artwork. This book looks at personal aspects of pattern from the world she lives in, combining writing and photography with examples of her work where she has translated her surroundings or social issues into patterns. Themes include Uzbekistan, overcoming depression, dance, Saudi Arabia, and daily life in London.

An ideal book for those interested in travel and art, the subtleties of daily life, and social observations.

More About the Author

Lizzie Hobbs is an award-winning Manchester-based artist, inspired by Middle Eastern and Asian cultures. Her freehand artwork reflects designs from the architecture, textiles, landscapes, and traditional arts of these regions, resulting in decorative and intriguing pieces. For more information, please visit