Na Powes - A year rowing with Roseland Gig Club

By Debbie Purser

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Rowing and racing Cornish pilot gigs is one of the fasting growing sports in South West England. Gig clubs now extend far from the historical Cornish roots of this 6 oared wooden work boat. Originally used for getting pilots onto approaching sailing ships in all weathers or chasing smugglers, these 32ft long sleek vessels are fast but brutal to row.

The author and photographer Debbie Purser did not start competitive gig rowing until she was 53 but has spent decades as a commercial skipper of a 14 ton pilot cutter and has a long interest in Cornwall's maritime history and all things salty. Her local club is Roseland Gig Club in St Mawes and their motto is 'Na Powes' (Cornish for 'No Rest')