Peregrine Falcons

By David Element

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Book Description

Few sights in nature are likely to be any more impressive than that of a Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus 'stooping' from a great height with wings swept back in pursuit of airborne prey. These large and extremely handsome falcons are capable of spotting their quarry from a considerable distance and once they have begun their chase then it will be a fortunate intended victim that manages to evade them. Peregrines are reported to be capable of flying at up to 200 miles per hour and they are certainly faster when diving than any other birds in the air. They are also very agile and equipped with powerful talons that they use to capture and kill their prey with the coups de grâce being delivered by their long, sharp hind claws. This small softcover format book contains a brand new selection of photographs of these splendid birds taken in 2019.