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This is as close as it gets to the real one! For all you big fans of Modern Family, look no more, believe me, after searching non-stop for a few months and finding not many promising options, I decided to create my own. This is a compilation of all the quotes used in the episode and a few extra (to make it all worth it, if not it would be too short. There are over 30 quotes, rather than just 17). In this version, contrary to some others you can find online, there are no actual photos of the characters (I though it wasn't realistic) so, is just the collection of the best of Phil Dunphy quotes! The quality of the book is unbelievable! I hope you enjoy!



, 24th April 2016

"I didn't check the sample pages before I buought it. There's a bunch of misspellings. I regret spending money on this. Thought it was an official product. Never shop in a hurry, people!"

, 14th November 2017

"Are there still misspellings?"

, 24th October 2018