Scotland: Champions of the World


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Book Description

From 2009 – 2010, the SPF achieved considerable success in the international competitions commonly known as FIAP Biennials, organised by The Federation de l’Art Photographique.

In this two-year period our individual authors received a total of five awards, while collectively, the SPF won two World Cups, and Silver & Bronze Medals. This was a magnificent result given that many countries from around the world were competing. But the best was yet to come!

FIAP recognise the Country with the best combined score over this two-year period of Biennials, with the Dr Van de Wijer Trophy, named after its founding President. This was awarded to the Scottish Photographic Federation, proving for 2009-10, our photographs, and our photographers, were the ‘Best in the World’.

All the photographs that gained these many awards and won us the ultimate prize of the Dr Van de Wijer Trophy, are contained within the pages of this book, as the SPF’s tribute to these truly ‘world class’ photographers.

Congratulations to these photographers, and I hope you enjoy this taste of Scottish photography.

More About the Author

The Scottish Photographic Federation, known as the SPF, was founded in 1903, making them the second oldest Federation in Britain. The Federation is the focal point of Scottish Club photography with 85 affiliated clubs covering the whole of Scotland, from Orkney in the north to Stranraer in the south, servicing a total membership of 3425 photographers. The SPF is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) and FIAP. For further details see