Simply Abstract

By Jayne Austin

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Book Description

Photography is a powerful medium to creativity. Skilful use of a camera to capture a landscape, a portrait, or an event can be a wonderful example of the art form, but a skilled photographer pushes the boundaries too. In this book by Jayne Austin she does just that. In taking meticulous macro still-life photographs of objects arranged singularly or in groups, and using inventive lighting techniques, she then, in post processing, distorts in ways that capture abstract, mesmeric, and even psychedelic images. Jayne’s photographic art uses strong pure lines and vibrant colours which elicit emotion, sensation, even sound. This book showcases some of her excellent, contemporary expressionism.

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"This photographic art book is a breath of fresh air. It is rare to see a work that is so fresh and new. A great coffee table book that will capture your imagination!"

, 4th August 2020