By Lawson Deaton

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Book Description

The Golden State is a compilation of two trips by your author-photographer and family from our home in the Philadelphia area to San Francisco in 2014 and in 2015 and includes a sightseeing journey by automobile from San Francisco to San Diego during the first of those two trips.

San Francisco and San Diego are two of the three largest “Saint” cites in California. San (masculine form) and Santa (feminine form) mean Saint in Spanish. Those top three “San” cities--San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco--were founded when California was a Spanish Colony. (The city of Santa Clara is an example of the "masculine" name form.) The towns were named for patron saints.

In terms of population, San Diego is the largest among the top three “San” cities in California with nearly 1.4 million followed by around 1 million for San Jose--a city that is only 55 miles south of San Francisco, the third largest, and its nearly 900,000 inhabitants. (Los Angeles, having a population of over 4 million is easily the largest city in the Golden State.)

The book includes numerous quotations that capture the spirit of San Francisco and San Diego.

Renown Philadelphia (USA) photographer Lawson Deaton is the author-photographer