The Light in the Shadows

By Nick Prior

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Book Description

Photography enables me to show other people how I see things. That’s not to say you should see things like I do! But if there’s something in my pictures that speaks to you, that’s great.

I published The Light in the Shadows earlier this year in readiness for Art@Ancrum. It tells the stories of eleven of my favourite images from early experiments with film through to more up-to-date pictures from a few months ago.

In total there are over 15 images, both colour and monochrome, in the A4 sized paperback book for you to enjoy. The articles about the pictures are versions of the Backstories I tell on my website (, specially edited for print. You'll find details of why I took the photographs and what they say to me. Some of the articles tell the story of how I took the pictures while others concentrate more on what they remind me of.