Through the Looking Glass

By Julie Cullen

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Book Description

A story of Feelings through Images and Poems of A Brain Injury Survivor
All the images captured for this Book were taken using Mirrors, Glass, Glass balls and use of reflections and portray the many feelings through Images and Poems of a Brain Injury Survivor. Feelings of the initial Brain Fog that takes over the persons mind and the 'Walls' that the brain puts up to protect itself so it can heal, through to the time when that fog lifts and the person can start to carry on with Life and heal within his thoughts.

More About the Author

Julie has been a self taught photographer for over 15 years, until she decided to complete her Foundation Degree at University, and currently starting her Masters Degree in Sept 18/19. Starting out with a Fuji S7000 she now still uses basic equipment for her shoots, owning a Canon 1300D and just 2 lenses, "I feel that the image is about what you see from behind the lense, what you see with your minds eye, and not what you capture it with" Her love of punchy B&W images draws the eye into the scene, giving the viewer a surreal feel to the world around her, grabbing the darkness that also surrounds the light. Julie has completed many projects for businesses throughout the year, including RSPB, Tiny Rebel Brewery, Council departments, to name a few and has had her work published in a book on Digital Photography by Ephotozine. She has created many Landscape Images, along with Pastiche, Posters, Weddings and Portraits, most of which are for sale on her Website, Through the Looking Glass is her first personal project and one that she was desperate to complete and publish, showing feelings of healing after a brain injury using reflections through mirrors and glass. Her portrayal of damage that cannot be seen is truely inspiring and thought provoking and draws the viewer into the scene. She currently has exhibitions throughout the year and would love to hear your views on her work. For any feedback and contacts for images please contact Thank you for viewing.



, 10th April 2018


, 7th February 2019