By Lawson Alexander "Deacon" Deaton

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TOP 15 WAKE FOREST BASKETBALL TEAMS OF ALL TIME celebrates the remarkable achievements of the college basketball team at one of America’s elite universities, beginning with a colorized photograph of Wake Forest University’s first intercollegiate team way back in 1906. The team's mascot is a character known as the Demon Deacon.

Please note: The author graduated from Wake Forest University in 1967 with an undergraduate degree in history.

The hardback book, which is 8.2 inches x 10.8 inches in portrait format with printing on luster photographic paper, uses lay-flat technology such that, when opened, wide high-resolution photographs can span across adjacent pages. The resulting "look" is spectacular. The book itself includes relevant color-filled photographs of articles from a host of older publications over the years (magazines, game programs, yearbooks, etc.) that the author either currently owns or has previously owned which enabled detailed reproductions from original sources. (You can read the fine print in the articles!)

Also included are fascinating anecdotes and a narrative that incorporates a bit of humor with a sense of history. In regards to the latter, the author fully recognizes the value of historical perspective: "Putting together an all-time basketball Top 15 team list for any club whose history spans well over a hundred years is daunting. You have to consider what criteria to use. Records, which certainly do matter, are one thing but not the only thing. For me, I am more interested in the fame and the long-term contributions associated with a particular team within an era and how incremental gains in prestige at certain times in the past possibly paved the way for greater accomplishments down the line. In other words, this is not an evaluation of whether Team B from one era could beat Team A from another point in time. Clearly, the flat-footed, set shooters from the first year Wake Forest fielded a basketball team back in 1906 couldn’t hang for a Deacon minute with the Wake Forest team that crunched Duke, 113-101 in double overtime in February 2020. (Well, maybe a minute, but just a minute, if the rules in 1906 were used. You see, the baskets in those days were real baskets. In other words, there were no openings at the bottoms of the baskets, which tended to slow the action a bit more than a bit.)"

The most famous Wake Forest University basketball player is Tim Duncan, who was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in April 2020 after a long championship-infused career with the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association. He is considered by many to be the greatest power forward in the entire history of the game. Other famous athletes who attended Wake Forest for their education and sports opportunities include the internationally renowned golfer, Arnold Palmer, American-style football players, Bill George and Brian Piccolo--both of whom played professional football in the National Football League with the Chicago Bears--and current National Basketball Association player, Chris Paul.

Although relatively small in size with just a little over 5,000 students, Wake Forest University, which is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is consistently ranked among America’s Top 25 National Universities, and competes favorably with far larger schools, both academically and athletically, like the University of Michigan, the University of Notre Dame, Duke University, UCLA, the University of Texas, etc.

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"I am a long-time Wake Forest fan and attended my first basketball game in 1962. I am so glad Lawson wrote this book. It is a must for every hard-core Demon Deacon basketball fan. It is well worth the money. Lots of detail and lots of color photos!!"

, 30th June 2020


, 30th June 2020