Verona & Traian | Album De Dragoste şi De Familie

By mireille

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Book Description

For such a long time I wanted to gather the nicest photos of my grandparents and compile them into a single album! I think very fondly of them and I’d like my children to have the opportunity to learn about them the same way I did and share the same experience.

It’s been a journey! Scanning the photos and being able to view them in a larger format revealed so many details I had never noticed in the previous prints. Some of the photos needed a bit of editing and others remained quite blurry, but the final selection was done with the heart rather then judging by the quality. Then Bob Books made it so easy to play with the formats and integrate all of my gems!

I’ll definitely print more Bob books, I love the way it’s come out and I’m really impressed with the good quality of the paper and binding. What's more, having your book delivered, one that you’ve perhaps dedicated days, is extremely rewarding and the opportunity to see how others have imagined theirs – tremendously inspiring and motivating. Thanks all :)

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