Visiones Versos Viajes

By JorgeGines

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Book Description

Visions, verses and voyages. I wanted to have a special present for my father's birthday this year. He is a retired carpenter and he has created many beautiful things with his hands and wood during his life. Although I belong to the digital era, why not put together the best of both worlds, why not put my digital creations in his hands? I decided then to compile for him some of the pictures I have done in the last few years, depicting many different places I have loved visiting. I wanted him to see the world through my eyes. Each picture is accompanied by a poem that, for me, has a special meaning, and they speak for the photographs. It took me a couple of weeks to do all the work, and Bobbooks had the hardback copies done in just few days. The delivered product was absolutely professional, and I was very proud of my own work. No doubt, this is the best present I have ever done, and I will repeat the experience. I am full of ideas already!