Wrangel Island

By Claire Waring

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Book Description

In 2017, I was privileged to join an expedition to Wrangel Island off the north-east coast of Siberia. I knew that this was the last place that mammoths walked on earth and that it boasts the highest number of polar bear dens in the world. However, I was not prepared for the sheer stark beauty of this island and the nearby Herald Island. The geology is stunning and the number of nesting Brünnich's guillemots and black-legged kittiwakes was almost beyond comprehension. The other side to this island is the debris that man has left behind. Oil drums, machinery and buildings have simply been left to decay because of the high cost associated with removing them. Fortunately, there are plans to start cleaning up this arctic wilderness.

More About the Author

Claire was introduced to photography by her father, a chemistry teacher, when they developed and printed black and white films at home. Her husband Adrian introduced her to macro photography through their joint love of bees and beekeeping. She still enjoys photographing the small things, but her interests have widened to include bigger wildlife such as polar bears, tigers and jaguars. For some strange reason, she is drawn to the colder areas of our planet and has a particular love for penguins.