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Our PDF to Book creation method is ideal for professional photographers who are proficient with Adobe InDesign. You have full creative control over your book with the ability to make it logo-free for your clients. The template application generates cover and content templates for all of our different range of photo books. 

Please note: The current max amount of pages for PDF to Book is 114. For any larger books, we advise you use our Bob Book software. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it compatible with any InDesign software? 

You need to have Adobe InDesign CS4 or higher to use the PDF to Book creation method. Bob Books does not supply InDesign - you will need to already be a user of Adobe InDesign to use this tool. 

Do I need to download any type of presets?

Bob Books presets are automatically installed when you launch the templates.

How do I upload? 

Once you have exported your final design to PDF, you then upload your cover file and content file on our website here.

How can I ensure quality control? 

After completion of order, your file will go through rigorous pre-flight checks before being sent to print. If there are any errors with your file, you will be contacted via email to amend these. You will not be charged until the books are in production. 

How do I get a logo-free photo book with the PDF to Book platform?

You can upload your pdfs to our logo-free platform here.

I am getting a Java error message when I install the PDF to Book software - what do I do? 

Make sure that Java is installed within the Application folder on your computer. If you are still having problems, please contact askbob@bobbooks.co.uk 

What recommended file size should my images be?

We recommend all photographs being 300dpi or above. You can have lower res images but they will still need to be set to 90dpi or above, as this is the minimum print requirement of our system. *Handy tip: how to check the dpi is over 90 on photos: select a photo in InDesign then click on F8, and it tells you the photo info including dpi.

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PDF to Book User Guide

For a step by step guide with how to use our PDF to Book creation method, take a look at our User Guide. It is packed with useful recommendations and screenshots to guide you through making a photo book. We recommend users who are already knowledgeable in InDesign use this service. 


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Professional Discount 

We offer 15% off for professional photographers. Simply sign up today with links to your website and you will be sent a code to use when ordering your photo books. If you are looking to make a bulk order, please email askbob@bobbooks.co.uk


PDF to Book Video Guide

Watch one of our long-term professional customers guiding you through the process of our popular PDF-to-Book method. It offers professionals full creative control and the ability to make a logo-free book, ideal for customers who are proficient in Adobe In-design.


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