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Digital Scrapbooking

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Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve treasured moments, whether it's for family moments or a specific event or travel experience. Digital scrapbooking is a modern way to bring those memories to life. Without the need for glue it is a much more tidy and time efficient way to display your photos.  With Bob Books you can create your scrapbook with our different creation methods, with the ability to scan old photos, tickets or other mementos you want to keep before getting it printed and delivered to your home. You can even share your digital scrapbook with your family or friends so they too can order a copy. 

How to Create a Digital Scrapbook


Get Organised 

Organising your photos and mementos is the key before you start to create your scrapbook. Whether it's old photos hiding in the attic or a large selection on your phone, make sure you locate and decide what images you want to use first. If you want to use photos that are already printed or include tickets, you can use a scanning app to upload them to your computer. Discover some of the scanning apps we recommend on our blog.

Have a think about the design 

Do you want to add text to your digital scrapbook? Our software allows you to add copy to your scrapbook whether it's captions or a longer form of text describing the day of your life. With a scrapbook you might also want to leave pages free or space free to actually stick things in once you have it delivered. This could be a lovely way to combine the traditional form of scrapbooking with a modern touch. It's worth planning out exactly what you want to include before you start really designing your scrapbook. 

Get creative 

Once you're ready to start making your scrapbook, it's time to put it together. You can choose a pre-set template or customise it completely yourself with our software. If you really want to make your scrapbook a truly digital masterpiece why not add old videos to it. You can add a QR code which will play your videos, really taking the traditional form of scrapbooking into the modern world. Find out more about adding video to your scrapbook. 

Final checks 

Make sure you give your scrapbook a final check. Our software includes an image optimiser tool which will help you edit any photos that might be not as high resolution. 

Share it with family and friends

Once you have sent your scrapbook off to print you will be given the option to share it with loved ones with either a public or private link so they can order a copy too.

Inspiration for your Digital Scrapbook

From memory books to family get togethers, have a look in our Bookshop for some wonderful scrap books.