Professional Discount

Benefits of a Professional Account

Do you work in the creative industry? Are you a professional wedding or fine art photographer?

Creating a customised portfolio to showcase your work is the best way to make an impression. Wedding photographers revere our popular Lay-Flat photo books, while creatives from all industries use Bob Books to produce striking portfolios. Share your photo book with clients, or use simply as a way of documenting your work; our premium-quality binding and printing keeps our professional customers coming back.

Need more convincing?

Take advantage and save 15% with our Professional Discount, enjoy our easy PDF-to-book tool, and we won’t charge a penny for our Logo free software.

This means you can mark up and re-sell your photo books or even distribute them through our Bob Bookshop.

How about that?

Logo Free Software

Want to create a Logo Free photo book? We Want to help. Download our free Pro software to print your book without our logo.

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PDF-to-Book : Logo Free Upload

Ready to print? Upload your PDF files here, for a Logo Free photo book.

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Professionals Save 15%

Don’t waste any time, apply for our Professional Discount and save 15% with Bob Books. Simply fill in the form and we’ll let you know how you can redeem this offer.

We’re looking forward to hearing about your project.

Please note this cannot be combined with other offers or vouchers and Bob Books reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time.

Choosing your paper

The kind of paper you use can make all the difference. Order our swatch pack and feel which type is right for you.

Swatch packs cost £5, but you’ll also receive £10 worth of Bob Rewards points.

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