Are there any recommendations when designing my book PDFs?


  • To be sure that your PDF meets the production requirements, we recommend that you use the Bob Books PDF to Book Software, which provides you with InDesign Templates and PDF presets.
  • To achieve the best quality results you should work in RGB colour mode.
  • The Bob Books presets will convert your documents to the required PDF standard (version 1.3, RGB colour mode, text fonts embedded). Please do not make any changes to the Bob Book presets.
  • All images used in your book should have a resolution equal 300-360dpi. Lower resolutions down to 90dpi will be accepted, e.g. images from mobile phones.
  • Do not create any cut marks when designing your book - they will appear in your book.

We understand that some customers will want to design their Bob Book using an alternative software. you can find out more here.

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