How can I order another copy of my book without using the re-order tool?

Photobook files are only stored within the re-order tool for 6-8 weeks, logo-free books can be found here. If they are no longer available, there are 2 options you can take to order another copy of your book.

1. Order using original book files

Bob Designer Software

If you created your book using the Bob Designer software, there will be a file and a folder of images. They will both be the title of your book followed by '.mcf' for the file and '.mcf-Dateien' for the folder. They should be saved together in the location you saved your book. To open your photobook in the Bob Designer software, select Open – your last previously opened book may still appear in the drop down menu, if it does not, click Open and search for the title of your book in the location you saved it. Select the ‘.mcf’ and click Open.

Online Book Creator

If you used the Online Book Creator you can find working files of your book here. Please note we only keep these editable files for 8 months.


2. Order through the Online Bookshop

If you no longer have a saved copy of your book files, you can purchase another copy by publishing your book in the Bob Bookshop

Your photobook can be published under the 'private' setting if you do not wish it to go public. You will still be able to place your book up for sale when set as private so you can purchase a copy.

More information on the Bob Bookshop >


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