How do I get started with my photo book?

For a more detailed explanation please refer to our Help section in Bob Designer software.

Imagine that the workspace in the middle of your screen is your desk. In front of you lies a double page spread; this is the main design area for your photobook. On the left hand side you will find your photos and layouts tabs. There are many layout formats to pick to best compliment your photographs, you can access these in the 'Layout' tab. We suggest that you keep all the photos you wish to use in one folder and keep it in an easily accessible place such as your desktop, once imported you can access your photos in the 'Photos' tab. This way you can view all of your available images at a glance. You can also edit your page background, add clipart, frames and masks to your book. The photobook page overview is located below the work area. Here you can quickly move between the spread of your photobook and to the right of this is the phtoobook format information, click on this to change your cover type, paper type, size and number of pages. You can also see the price of your book here. Below this is the order button. In the toolbar at the top you can find the buttons to save your book and edit your book, images, text and photos.

Once you have started your book, make sure you save your work regularly. 

For more assistance, view our getting started video guide

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