How do I install the Bob Designer software?

To start, download our software from the Bob Books website. It will take a few moments to download the installation program. It is recommended that you have a broadband internet connection or equivalent. If you are using wireless Internet, please try to connect directly to your router or download the software nearby the router to gain the best signal strength for the download.

To install on PC.

Please note that Microsoft no longer support Windows XP, this will affect the running of the Bob Designer Software. This is a Microsoft decision and unfortunately out of the control of Bob Books.  If you are a Windows XP user you can use our Online Book Creator.

After clicking the download button, a box will appear asking if you want to run this file - select run to begin the installation.

The installation wizard will then open and lead you through the process.


The installation may take up to 10 minutes, however this is heavily dependant on your internet connection and system setup. You will need an internet connection to complete the installation as some components of the Bob Books software and the current price lists need to be downloaded. Once successfully installed, you can instantly start using the Bob Books photobook software.



To install on Mac.

Once the zip file has downloaded, open it and go into the download finder window. Here you will then find the unzipped setup folder for Bob Designer.

Select the folder, then select the Bob Designer icon and drag it into your Applications folder. This will make sure the program is saved on your computer.



You are now ready to get started with Bob Designer



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