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How do I make a book without the Bob Books logo?

31st January 2013

We are proud of our books that's why all Bob Books are printed with our Bob logo on the final page, this does not form part of your page count.

However, if you would like a logo-free book, there are two ways to create a Bob Book without our logo on it:

1. You can download our Bob Designer Pro software to design your book. It doesn't cost any extra and the software has all the same functions as the standard version.

2. If you are an Adobe InDesign user, you can use our new PDF to Book tool. Once you have followed the steps to create your book, you must upload your PDF files to the Logo-free upload platform. Any files uploaded to the standard platform will be printed with the Bob Books Logo.

Please be aware that if you order your book using the Pro software or PDF upload area, your books will not appear in the standard re-order tool or order tracking tool. Use the links below to access these tools for your logo-free orders.

Pro Order tracking >

Pro Re-order tool >

Please note that all our book contain a barcode on the back cover and the last inner page. These are required for production and cannot be removed.