How do I make a full bleed image in the Bob Designer software?

For those of you new to designing books, you may be unfamiliar with the term "full bleed".  Full bleed is a printing term that refers to printing from one edge of the paper to another without any borders.

During the book production process, the pages are printed onto paper larger than the size of your book and then trimmed to size after printing.  As the pages aren't cut in exactly the same place each time, you'll need to allow for this when designing your book, by bleeding your image past the edge of the page, or you might end up with a small white line along the edge of your pages.  We recommend a 3mm bleed for all inner pages and a 10mm bleed for the cover.


The best way to achieve a full bleed in the Bob Designer software is to set your chosen image as a "background".   This will set the image into the page with a full bleed automatically.  This can be done for the left or right page or across a double page spread.

The option to set your image as a background appears when you right click on the thumbnail.

Or you can simply click on the image thumbnail and then choose from the three background layout options below the thumbnail area.

You can see when you click on the background image that the edges have been extended past the page.  This is indicated by the solid yellow line around the image.

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