How do I move my Bob Books files to another computer?

Using the Bob Designer software means that you create your book offline and save it on to your computer. If you start on one ocmputer and want to move to another all you need to do is find your book files, save them and move them to the other computer, making sure to download the Bob Designer software so you can open and work on the files.

First you need to make sure you save your book. Make sure to note the location your books is saved in so you can easily find it.

Then you need to locate your book files. There are 2 files you need. The first is a document called "Booktitle.mcf" the next is a folder called "Booktitle_mcf-Dateien". Once you have located these 2 files you can save them on a disc or USB and move them to the new computer. 

You will need to make sure you have Bob Designer software installed so you can open and modify the files. 





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