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How do I open the PDF to book templates?

7th January 2013

Launching the correct templates with the PDF to Book software

You will need to create two PDFs for your book. One PDF for your book content/inner pages and one PDF for your cover. Select cover type, paper type, book size and number of pages. Then launch the corresponding cover and content template in InDesign by clicking on the buttons in the PDF to book software.

  • Content templates:  All of our hardback books contain at least 26 content pages. You can increase the number of pages in your book in groups of 4 pages. The maximum number of available pages in your book will depend on the size of your book and the paper type.  Simply select the page templates for the type of book you wish to make.
  • Cover templates: The width of the spine on your cover will depend on the number of pages in your book and also the type of paper used. To select the correct cover template for your book, select the number of pages in your book.