How do I order a book created using software from a different company?

We understand that some customers will want to design their Bob Book using an alternative software. This usually can be accomplished quite easily, as long as you follow the steps as described below.

First, check out our photobook formats and select the photobook you wish to make, taking note of the available number of pages for that book. Then read our Supplying Artwork document which will give you all the information you need to produce your book files, including best practise information and the correct dimensions and bleed for all our photobooks. 

The following Album Design programs contain templates for Bob Books photo books.

Pixellu SmartAlbums



Please note that Bob Books currently only accepts PDFs created using our PDF-to-Book system. PDFs created through any other method must be converted to jpgs or tiffs and ordered as described below.

Once you have created your book files, export the spreads as tiffs or jpegs (it is a good idea to save them in order in one folder), insert them as background images in the Bob Designer software and follow the checkout to complete your order.

Keep in mind that the first and last inner pages of all Bob Books are single pages, there is no inside/gutter bleed on any of our books, and your colour space should be sRGB or RGB.

Start by opening the Bob Designer Software and selecting the corresponding photobook format of the book you made. You won't want to use the 'autofill' option, so if this pops up, just select 'Cancel' to view the designer screen.

Next clear the photo frames place holders in the templates. For the cover you can highlight everything, double click and select delete. Or you can go to 'page layout' select 0 photos per page' and select the 'add layout to current double page' icon. 

For the content pages click on a spread and go to 'page layout' select  'show all' then select '0 photos per page' and click on the 'add layout on all inside pages' icon.

Then go back to the Photo & Videos tab and start adding your designed spreads. Just click on an image and select 'Image as background' or use the icons below the images to place the image on the left, right or double page spread as you require.

Once you have finished placing the images in you can then follow the checkout to place your order. 

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