How do I order my book designed with Pixellu™ SmartAlbums®?

Pixellu™ SmartAlbums® is a photo album design software for professional wedding and portrait photographers. We are delighted to announce that you can now design your Bob Books photobooks with SmartAlbums.

In the SmartAlbum software, you can select from any of our photo book formats, and use the software to design your book.

Once you have created your book files, you'll need to export the spreads as jpegs, insert them as background images in the Bob Designer software, and follow the checkout to complete your order.

Keep in mind that the first and last inner pages of all Bob Books are single pages, and if you want to order a book that does not contain the Bob Books logo, you must place your order using the Bob Designer Pro Software. It is not possible to submit pdfs created with SmartAlbums to Bob Books.

Once you've designed your book and exported the spreads, open the Bob Designer Software and select the corresponding photobook format of the book you made.

You won't want to use the 'autofill' option, so if this pops up once you select the book format, just select 'Cancel' to view the designer screen.

Next clear the photo frames place holders in the templates. 

As SmartAlbums doesn't offer cover design, for the cover you might like to use the layouts available in the Bob Designer software, or you can create your own. 

For the content pages click on a spread and go to 'page layout' select 'show all' then select '0 photos per page' and click on the 'add layout on all inside pages' icon.

Then go back to the Photo & Videos tab and start adding your designed spreads, just click on an image and select 'Image as background' or use the icons below the images to place the image on the left, right or double page spread as you require.

Once you have finished placing the images, you can then follow the checkout to place your order. 

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