How does the magnetic alignment tool work?

One of the features in the Bob Designer software is the magnetic alignment tool. This enables you to make sure all your images are lined up on the page when creating your own layouts.

The magnetic alignment tool can be found in the layout section of the toolbar.

Turn this on and guide lines will appear as you move each image around the page. These show how the active image will lign up with images already placed on the page.

As you move and resize your image, the blue area will show where the image will 'snap to' when positioned in line with another image.

There are a few options available to customise how the tool works:

Do not snap to grid:
PC: Ctrl + Move/Resize
Mac: Cmd + Move/Resize

Snap only to horizontal guides:
PC: Shift + Move/Resize
Mac: Shift + Move/Resize

Snap only to vertical guides:
PC: Alt + Move/Resize
Mac: Alt + Move/Resize



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