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How does the PDF to Book solution work?

1st January 2013

The PDF to Book solution allows you to design your Bob Books photobook using Adobe InDesign and then upload your PDFs to order your book. To make sure you get it right the first time, please read through the userguide carefully. There are 5 basic steps to designing and ordering your InDesign book.

  1. Download and install the PDF to Book template software on your computer available for windows and OS X.
  2. Select cover type, paper type, book size and number of pages. Then launch the corresponding cover and content template in Adobe InDesign. Please note version CS4 or higher is required.
  3. Create your layout in InDesign
  4. Export your cover and content PDFs using the Bob Books PDF presets.
  5. Upload your finished PDFs and follow the checkout.

Watch the our getting started video for further help.