How is my Bob Book made?

Depending on the format chosen, your book will be manufactured using the latest digital printing technology and our 'hot glue' binding process to assure long lasting durability. Our Photographic paper books are produced via a fully photographic process. Unlike our digital photobooks and calendars that are printed via a digital print process then bound, our photographic paper books are as the name suggests. 

Books produced out of photographic paper.

The process used to print these photographic books is the very same process used to print your photographs. Printed through a Cyra chemical process on Fuji Photographic Paper (Lustre type 6), the image will be developed onto the paper and securely glued together to create a fully photographic hardcover book. The page of your book will be treated with the same process as with all photographic material. In our dark room the paper is loaded into a specially designed loading machine, away from all light and is fed into our Cyra developing machine. Here the paper will undergo the same development process as your normal photographic images would.

Once the paper has gone through the developer, stop bath and fixer, it will be washed clean to ensure there are no chemicals remaining on the pages. After being fed through a drying process the pages will then be creased to create a fold in the centre of the pages. The pages will then be fixed together with high quality glue back to back. The first and last pages will be fixed to the hardback cover. The hardback cover is also produced in the same manner, though this will be glued to the hardcover and fully wrapped around, enabling you to print on the spine and design just as you would with our other Bob Books products.

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