How to add Highlights to your book cover?

Bob Books now offer the option of having Gold, Silver and Gloss highlights on your book.

These highlights can be added to text, selected clipart and frames. Please keep in mind that highlights are an additional step in production and there is a surcharge for it due to the additional expense and material costs, but the impressive result will certainly be worth it.

Currently highlights are available on all harback books. This feature is currently only available in the Bob Designer Software.

Production Information:

  • Only specific areas, such as specially designed clipart and frames, as well as text and colour borders, can be have highlights.
  • These areas are printed with the gloss highlights in an additional processing step which makes these areas shine and highlights the colours brilliantly.
  • For the gold and silver highlights, the lacquer is applied as an under coat and an ultra-thin metal foil is then pressed onto the paper that clings to the lacquer.
  • After the glue has set, excess foil is brushed away. (A similar technique to that used in leaf gilding.)


  • Highlights are only available on the cover. They cannot be added onto any inside pages since the paper is not stiff enough.
  •  Highlighted areas may not be bent or folded as this can cause tears in the highlights. It may also chip off easily on the edges of the pages. The highlights therefore cannot be located on the fold of the covers, the spines or too near to the edge. 
  • Highlights must not overlap or be placed over one another. A warning triangle signals when problems arise.
  •  For technical reasons, highlights may not be above or below a certain size, and therefore the scaling function is automatically limited.
    • Surfaces that are too large cause uneven distribution and drying of the gloss highlights. The applied metal foil may not cling sufficiently.
    • With surfaces that are too thin or small, the amount of gloss may not be enough to sufficiently affix the metal foil.
  •  The types of highlights cannot be mixed, i.e. an object with gold foil and another with gloss highlights cannot be in the same photobook.

Where do I find the highlight option in the Designer Software?

You can find all three types of highlights in the top right-hand corner of the menu in the Designer Software (see image). 

How do I find clipart and frames that can have highlights in the Design Software?

On the right-hand side menu, select the “Masks and Frames” sub-menu. In the download menu at the top, you will have the option of selection which types of highlights you would like, "Gloss Highlights", "Gold Highlights" or "Silver Highlights” to filter the finishes. Once selected, you will see a variety of frames that will appear (see image)

Can I change the type of highlights?

Yes, highlights can generally be changed. With the "transparent" gloss highlights, large (or all) areas of the objects are covered with the gloss lacquer, and one may be able to try if the object also works with gold or silver. There should be no problem switching between gold and silver.


Why can't I scale highlighted clip art however I choose?

The highlights do not cling well enough to thin lines, and it runs and dries unevenly with surfaces that are too large, which may also lead to the finish being damaged.
For this reason, we have specified minimum and maximum sizes for each highlighted object so that only scaling within certain values is allowed

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